Courses Offered by Darsequran:

Online Arabic Course:

CoursesOnline Arabic Course is what you need to learn in order to have a great catch while learning Quran online. We offer the best Online Arabic Course that can make you more accustomed with the Arabic language. As this language is greatly used in Quran, knowing it and learning it can really produce a great help for Quran learning online. Arabic as a language has always been considered as the most magnificent and eloquent one.

Allah has also blessed and honoured this language and assigned it for preparing Quran, the holy book. So, this is always better for someone to go through our Online Arabic Course. Leaning Quranic Arabic can really help you to dwell into the depth of the Quran and can offer you a great catch on this amazing holy book. This will also help you to attain the Khusho’s that you need during your prayers. We offer this course for different levels.

At the level one, beginners can explore the fundamental and grammatical structures of the Quranic words that use to appear on a regular interval while reading Quran. This will help you to get a basic understanding about several Quranic verses. Our Online Arabic Course is designed for people of just any age. Whether you are beginner or you wish to learn at depth, this course is surely going to help you lot.

Online Dua/Prayer Memorization Course:

If you are looking for online Dua/prayer memorization course, then you are at the right place. Darsequran can be your ultimate destination to learn Dua and prayer online and you can further implement these elements during your prayer to Allah. This is considered as a unique course that is now offered by Darsequran.

If you wish that your kids and other relatives can learn how to pray and how to memorize Dua, then this course can produce amazing results for you. This type of course is specially designed for the Maharam Gurenteed women and kids and now as it offers online, things have become easy for them to sit at the home and learn Dua and prayer. It also offers them a great chance to memorize Dua and prayers which they need further. Well, we have also appointed female teachers who will teach Quran online to you.

Once you will get registered, you will be able to learn Quranic Duas, Azhkar, Hadith Duas as well as Adhkar online. You will also come to learn the supplications for evening and morning prayers, after prayer supplications, and the Ramadan supplications here. This course will also equip you with the idea of daily supplications and the Muslim prayers online.

Online Quran Courses for Kids:

If you are looking for the best online Quran institute, then Darsequran is the right platform for you. This is the place where you can learn everything related to Quran online right from the comfort of your home. Looking at the increasing demand for online Quran classes, we have also announced online Quran courses for kids.

Well, this is what your kids need when you want to make them composed and acquainted with the basics of Quran. If your kid is aging from five to eleven, then this course is for him or her. You can always apply and take admission for these online Quran classes that will teach your little one several things related to Quran. We have appointed the best teachers to learn your kids the lessons of Quran. They are certified and having a great experience in teaching Quran.

Your kid will learn different things like knowing and reading the Arabic letters as per our syllabus, reciting Quran along with Tajweed at a moderate pace, knowing the Islamic manners, going through Islamic studies and several other things. As this course is offered online, the course materials will also be supplied online and your kids can clear the doubts while asking questions.

Online Quran Courses for Females:

We are pleased to mention that Darsequran is now offering online Quran classes for females. Well, such courses are offered for different levels. That means the beginner level will be there where the basics and fundamentals of Quran will be delivered and then the students will go for the next level. If you have already lessoned up the basics, then you can always go for the higher levels.

Such courses are meant for those who have learned Quran in the past and now they want to memorize things and also for those who are new to this holy doctrine. If you have never read Quran before, then also you can go for the level one course. We have designed these online classes to be small enough so that enough attention can be given to students. The beauty of such online Quran classes is that now female members in your family can attend them and learn the required things right at the comfort of home.

They don’t need to move out for learning these elements. We have also deployed female teachers in order to lesson up students while going through such courses. They will learn more things related to daily prayers, and at the same time other important knowledge is delivered to them.

Basic Quran Reading:

Darsequran is now offering basic Quran reading classes online. As the leading online Quran institute, we strive hard to offer our students basic knowledge of Quran. This course is for both the new ones and the old campaigners. You will love to go through the basic Quran reading classes. These are the most interactive and interesting classes where students are delivered with the required study materials online.

If you wish to learn basic Quran, then you are at the right place. There is no need to hesitate when you are at Darsequran to learn Quran. From basics to the interim lessons; you can learn everything here related to Quran. First of all, we will make you familiar with the Arabic language which is considered as the base of Quran, the holy book. Once you will get familiar with this language, it will become easier for you to learn Quran online. We have also selected the best and qualified tutors to lesson you up with those courses.

Going through such online Quran classes can always keep the flexibility mode up for you. We also believe in teaching one-to-one. This is a great way to help students learning fast and promptly. No matter what level you belong to, you are always good to go for these classes online.

Online Quran Tajweed Course:

The online Quran Tajweed course is now offered by the leading online Quran institute. At Darsequran, we strive hard to offer the best environment under which Quran Tajweed course can be offered for both brothers and sisters. Well, this course is meant for those who have never read Quran and also for those who have read Quran in the past but they fail to continue reading it due to some reason.

This course can be learned by students collectively or you can go in one for this course. We are also offering additional classes online that you can avail to bring in right kind of support for your Quran learning. If you feel that you need to learn Quran desperately so that you can take one step forward to the road of Allah, then this course is just for you. Learning the course materials can really make you more familiar with the prayers, instructions and good things mentioned in Quran.

You will learn this holy book from the depth of your heart and can memorize every important thing to apply them further in your life. Both females and males can go for the online Quran Tajweed course. This will offer you a great enthusiasm for practicing Islam.

Online Quran Memorization Course:

There are many people in this world who wish to learn Quran. It’s not just the people from Muslim religion who wish to learn things but also people from different religion also want to learn Quran. The holy things and the instructions given in this important book can really transform your life. It can help you to appear as a true man in this world who love others and care for others. This is also a big reason why Muslim as a religion has evolved so tremendously in this world.

And now you have the chance to learn the interim things related to this religion. While going through our online Quran memorization course, you will come to know several things related to the base of such religion. This course is meant both for the beginners and for the experienced campaigners. If you were learning Quran before and left it in the mid, then also you can join our course in order to complete your knowledge base.

There are really many things to learn. From learning how to prayer to memorizing the Duas; you can know every important thing while going through such course. This is an interactive course and you will love to attend this for sure.

Islamic Concepts:

Islamic concepts are always considered as the most religious concepts. You may find a hard time while trying to learn and memorize these concepts that are too tough to get familiar with. If you have taken birth in a Muslim family, then you might have some familiarity with these concepts. But this is not always possible to know every Islamic concept that is applicable for your life. You can still miss some even though you belong to a Muslim family.

So, this time you can cover this gap while going through our online Quran learning classes where you will be equipped with the Islamic concepts and their values. Knowing them and implementing them in your further life can really help you appear as a true Muslim who strongly believes in Allah and love to follow his path for creating and spreading peace in this world. The prime concept of Islam is based on peace like element.

But most of the time, we use to neglect this in our day to day life. So, this time you need to make yourself more familiar and used to with the Islamic concepts. These are designed just for you and you need to learn them for sure. Darsequran is all set to produce a great help for you in terms of learning the basic Islamic concepts online.

Urdu Learning Classes:

Learning Urdu is also important when you wish to learn Quran. This has been considered as the one of the most important element of Quran. This language is what has become the base of Quran since the inception. So, you need to know, learn and practice it in the best possible manner. Without any proper guidance, this can become really tough for you to learn Urdu.

In order to make it easier for you now Darsequran is offering Urdu learning classes that can change the whole Urdu learning process for you. These days, you can find several online Quran institutes that are offering such courses. But we are different from them. We believe in delivering the best and the most convenient environment for students online so that they can learn Urdu right at the comfort of their homes.

When you wish to learn Urdu in the most comprehensive manner online, come to us. We are all set to help you out in terms of offering you great knowledge about this language. Online Urdu learning classes are offered for everyone. Whether you are new or you know Urdu to some extent, these classes can really refine your ability to learn Urdu at a great pace.