About UsDarsequran is one of the legitimate online Holy Quran teachings with Arabic basis.Our prime goal is to educate children about Tajweed rules and Quran illustrations. Our experts are highly competent in offering Quran Recitation, reading Quran with Tajweed, Tafseer, Quranic Translation and Hadith (Arabic, Urdu & English. Our prime goal is to educate every individual about Quran and the word of ‘Allah’ in the most effectual manner. Quranic knowledge is necessary for Islamic teaching and both young and old generation must follow it correctly.

Hence keeping all this in our mind, we are set to provide Islamic teachings to all over the world. With us, you will get 24×7 online classes, and 3 days free trial classes as per your expediency. Our tutorials are very successful and everyone is pleased with our matchless service. Our tutors are both male and female and are highly experienced on Holy Quran. We provide services to all over the world and our students are basically from USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, and Ireland.

We offer different types of courses like Qaida for beginners, Tajweed and Tarteel, Sala’at and Dua. Our advance courses consist of Quran memorization, Dua’s for daily life, method of funeral and EID prayers. All our tutors are highly qualified in educating English speaking students about Quran. Our teachers have vast knowledge and understanding in interpretational skills to encourage students about knowing the Holy Quran. Darsequran helps Muslim peoples with best online interactive classes and effective teaching methods that no one can offer in this world.

We offer free trial classes for every age people. You can evaluate our services and find out what we really offer as per our claim. What are you waiting for? Know all about Holy Quran and the real words of Allah. Contact us. Today!