Darsequran is the Best Platform for Quran Learning Online!

It’s the demand for Islamic education that is now going too high across the globe. People despite of their culture and religion want to learn the Islamic values, cultures and the morals. In order to do this, they are now searching for online Quran schools and Quran teaching. If you are also interested in learning Quran online, then you are at the right place. Quran is one of the most important and valuable books that you can find in this world. It covers all the elements related to the Muslim religion. So knowing this book and going through its content is also important when you want to know about what Islam is all about. And for this, now you are not required to go for the Mosques.

You can learn all these contents right at your home while going for Darsequran. This site is designed to offer you the most convenient way to learn Quran right at the comfort of your home. We are all set to process this easiest method for you to learn Quran. All you need to have a computer at home that is connected to the internet and you will be able to learn Quran while going through our website. We offer a great program through which your kids, adult members in your family and others can even learn the important lessons of Quran.

This program is also great for the new Muslims who have just started to believe in this religion. We offer an easiest, convenient and hassle free way to learn Quran. Despite of age and gender, people can go through these important contents. No matter where you are located in this world, you can always browse through Darsequran in order to learn your desired things. This is the best online Quran institute that you can have now at your disposal.

Things You Need

You need a PC or a laptop An Internet connection Mic Software and Headphone and Online Skype Application


Darsequran is the leading online Quran institute where the true values of Islam is suggested and lessioned to people.


Darsequran offer 9 Different type of courses choose whar type of course you want and we arrange it for you.


Online Dua/Prayer Memorization Course

Online Arabic Course

Online Quran Courses for Kids

Basic Quran Reading

Online Quran Tajweed Course

Online Quran Memorization Course

Online Quran Courses for Females

Islamic Concepts

Urdu Learning Classes



They have offered me small as well as friendly classes attending which has really helped me to take my knowledge base to the next level in terms of knowing Islam. Learning and reading Quran has become easier for me now.


− Fatima


There are many things that I have learned through their online Quran classes. These classes were designed in a perfect way and they have offered me a convenient way to learn Quran. I have also learned Arabic language from them. And now I can read Quran without any hassles for sure.


− Mansoor


My kids are very happy with the teachers. Teachers are very well experienced and we really recommend our other brothers and sisters to use their services.


− Mr. Khan
  • You want to learn and understand the Holy Quran?

  • You live in Non-Muslim/Islamic country?

  • You have no time to send your children to Mosques?

  • You can’t find a good Quranic tutor?

  • Then we are here to help you!

  • It does not matter how old you are or where you live, as long as you wish to learn and understand Quran you can register with us.